We are continually adjusting our packing list. We want it to be lightweight but we also want to make sure we have what we need. This list is based on v2.13 of our packing list. Hopefully, it's helpful.

On Person


Carry-on liquids must be in a 3 1/2 oz (or smaller) container. Everything must fit in quart ziplock (use the freezer kind -- they're stronger).

Bum Packs

Medicine Bag

Everything in original bottles. Check expiration dates before you go!


Camera Bag

Checked Luggage

Our Bags

Different bags are good for different trips. Here are the ones we use.

Backpacks. These should have an internal frame and a waist strap. Ones with two sets of zippers are easier to lock. We use Eagel Creek Solo Journey bags but they don't make that model anymore. They're holding-up really well, so I don't know when (or even if) we'll have to replace them.

Luggage. We have some large duffels we use when we have too much stuff to shove into a backpack (SCUBA comes to mind). We prefer large, tough, rolling duffel bags. We used to use Eagle Creek Tanker Trunks and Steamer Trunks but, you guessed it, they don't make those anymore. We recently bought REI Wheely Beast (35"), which can hold 7200 cubic inches.

Possibly the perfect bags, though, are Transworld 6285 Roller Bags.

Disposable Luggage. We recently made a trip to some remote islands and the inter-island flights had very tight weight and size restrictions (especially for SCUBA divers). Our regular luggage was a little too heavy and way too big, so we bought some really cheap, really light, bags, two each, that exactly fit the size requirements. All this, and wheels, for $20 per bag. This worked out so well, we'll probably go that route, again. It may be the beginning of a whole new packing philosophy. Oh, and the bags survived the trip so they weren't exactly disposable.


Regular Clothes (5 days worth)

Warm Weather

We have a whole different list for SCUBA trips.

Cold/Wet Weather

Dopp Kit

Damn fine dopp kit: We use an Eagle Creek Pack-it cube but I'm sure there are lots of choices, here.



Stuff To Do Before Travel

3 Months Before

2 Months Before

1 Month Before

1 Week Before

2 Days Before