Our Trip To Antarctica

This page describes our trip to Antarctica taken in February and March of 1998. By "us", I mean Wade (who was 36 when this trip was taken), Karen (we won't be mentioning any age, here), and our 10 year old daughter, Chelsea. The text is from Karen's diary which she kept throughout the trip. The pictures were taken by both Wade and Karen.

In short, we flew from Los Angeles, California to Buenos Aires, Argentina where we spent a week. We flew from BA to Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, also in Argentina, where we boarded a ship, the Akademic Ioffe. The Ioffe took us 2 days across the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula where we spent 5 days making about 2 landings per day. The Ioffe then took us back to Ushuaia. We flew back to BA, spent 3 more days there, then flew home.

Our expedition was organized by Marine Expeditions who did a fantastic job.

There are two ways to view all of this. You can either read Karen's journal with interleaved pictures or you can look only at the pictures.

Pictures Only

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This was put together by Wade Guthrie