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I don't do a lot with patents. I enjoy coming up with creative solutions to complex problems but I've never really known where it makes sense to draw a line and file some paperwork. That said, every so often, someone suggests that a bit of work could be good for a patent and a couple of those have ended up, here.

Method and system for debugging multiprocessor systems. U.S. Patent 7,124,404, October 2006. This patent describes a system of debuggers, each of which directs a different processor in a multi-processor system. This is accomplished by splitting each debugger into a user agent and a processor agent and by connecting these pieces for each of the debuggers through a central scheduler. This allows, for example, a 'step' instruction given by one debugger to step all of the processors in order to keep them in synch.

Methods, systems, and computer program products for translating machine code associated with a first processor for execution on a second processor. U.S. Patent 7,266,811, September 2007. This patent describes a portion of a microprocessor's instruction set that is dedicated to assisting translation of assembly language software from one processor to another.


These thoughts are, to the best of my knowledge, entirely my own.

On Software Design. Software design is, in my opinion, a vital part of the software development process but, still, many people poo-poo it for various stated reasons. Here. I try to debunk some of those reasons.

  • Designing your code before writing it should not take appreciably more time than writing your code without a design. Your software is going to have a de-facto design, anyway, but with up-front design it'll be consistent and some of your bugs will be sorted out before you start coding.
  • Design does not eliminate creativity; it partitions creativity into a strategic time and a tactical time.


  • Wade's theory of integrated pain: For any type of event, the sum of the pain over the course of the event is constant. Your tooth can hurt a little bit every day or you can go to the dentist and squeeze all that hurt into an hour and a half. It's your choice.
  • The difference between bravery and stupidity is the outcome of the event.
Family Tree

So, on and off, I've done a bit of genealogy research. I know that my family, on both sides, has been in this country, mostly in the South, for at least 7 generations. My Dad's side is from Mississippi and my Mom's from West Virginia. Before that, it turns out that both families are from Scotland -- we have Guthrie's, McCays, Hatfields, and McCoys. Yes, those Hatfields and McCoys. In fact, I have a picture of my brother, my mother, her mother, her mother, her mother, and hermother -- the oldest is Grandma Hatfield (AKA Blind Grandma) who fought in the feud.

Anyway, the Guthrie name is from Scotland; specifically, from a little hamlet between Forfar and Arbroath, a little inland from the east coast. It's a quaint, little village with a population of about 12 (Hey, Brian Ramsey!)

Eventually, I'd like to trace some more of my genealogy but I'll probably wait until there's a family.google.com or some, such way to do it really easily.