This site is all about blatant self-promotion. The idea is to provide a bunch of useful information about myself to someone (a prospective employer, for example) who Googles me.


Hi. I'm Wade Guthrie and I'm a serial enthusiast though not, necessarily, a cereal enthusiast.

I'm a code monkey from way back and, luckily, it has helped to pay the bills a bit along the way. I do a whole lot of software design and C programming and I fill-in the gaps with bits of C++, Python, and Perl. As for occupation, I've spent the last 15 years or so doing commercial software (smart TV, medical instruments, GPS, Voice over IP, various tools, and such). I spent some of my early days writing software for defense companies (mostly in automatic target recognition which, by the way, is a major hoot, and nuclear command and control). When I'm not earning a buck, I work on my own projects including my current project, MonkeyHouse, a home automation system in Python.

I have a degree in physics that I hardly ever use except to tell people that I have a degree in physics.

For fun, mostly, I travel, scuba dive, and take photographs. On rare occasions, I've been know to do the odd rock climbing, silkscreening t-shirts, autocrossing, and anything else that might be a bit of a hoot,

I live in Northern California with my brilliant wife but, sadly, not with my lovely daughter (which is not to say that my wife isn't lovely and my daughter isn't brilliant).

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If you want a copy of my resume, please feel free to email me at wade[at]wadeguthrie[dot]com

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